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We Did It! We Made

 Our First Children's Book 

Authors : Doug  & Orion    Wonder

 Come together with us to deliver "Magic With Mysterio Sticks & Stones." As a  Magician, Doug has had a chance to perform and educate children on the art of magic. Seeing firsthand the effects on the youth socially, physically, and mentally inspired him to partner with his wife to tell a story meant to inspire the reader to have faith in their creative instincts. 

Orion being a creative artist and former educator has both professional and personal insight, and experience into what both excites and motivates a child. They teamed up together to create a story that takes some of the growing pains mixed with the visual imaginations of children to create both a character and story that shows Perseverance, Boldness, and Strength.

Doug and Orion set out to create a story for children that helps them believe in themselves and overcome obstacles. This project is just a portion of what they have developed together. We invite you to join in on this journey to help deliver this inspiration to those children who could truly benefit from the experience. 

Magic With Mysterio Cover.png
Magic With Mysterio (Sample Page 1).png
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