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Notice: This product is printed on demand (P-O-D) so printing, packaging, and shipping may take longer than our typical products. (Normally will receive in a week, but can take up to 2 weeks to arrive)


Rio a young 8-year-old boy discovers some magical items, but his friends do not believe him. Rio soon finds out he has incredible power and creates a clever way to share it with his friends at school.


Orion and Doug Wonder come together to deliver Magic With Mysterio "Sticks & Stones." Doug being a magician has had a chance to perform, teach, and educate children on the art of magic, and see firsthand how it affects them socially, physically, and mentally. Orion being a creative artist and former teacher has both professional and personal insight, and experience into what both excites and motivates a child.


They teamed up together to create a story that takes some of the growing pains mixed with the visual imaginations of children to create both a character and story that shows Perseverance, Boldness, and Strength. Doug and Orion set out to create a story for children that helps them believe in themselves and overcome obstacles and this book does just that.

Magic With Mysterio "Sticks and Stones"

  • We would recommend ordering this book as soon as possible. Our books are printed on demand so it could take up to 2 weeks for your book to arrive based on printing, packaging, and shipping. 

    We appreciate your interest in our First Children's Book and look forward to bringing you many more!