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Inflatable Procedures

Our process is simple: 


For any of our inflatables, we prefer to set them up on a flat service to ensure safety. We provide extension cords if necessary to ensure our blower is safely connected, without any tripping hazards. If you do not have a standard electrical outlet, we can provide a generator. (This is an additional fee, but we have a quiet generator, you will soon forget it is there.) 

Water Supply

When it comes to the water slide on our bounce house the client is responsible for providing a water outlet. We can supply an extended hose to ensure your hose connection reaches the inflatable, but we do not provide any water solutions, just connections. In the states of NJ and PA you can not have a standing pool of water in an inflatable. It is illegal, so we abide by these laws and have a drainage system on all of our inflatables to avoid standing pools of water. We also place a heavy duty tarp under the drainage to avoid lawn damage or a muddy mess when water drains. (We've got you covered)

Liability Waiver

Upon delivery, we will have the client (you) sign our liability waiver, which excuses us from any fault if personal injury occurred. We only have clients sign this waiver when they don't book one of our attendants with the inflatable. We go through setup procedures and safety procedures with the client, as well as emergency protocol should the inflatable lose power or be punctured in any way. Our waiver isn't to just excuse us from fault, but to ensure the client is taking the proper precautions to avoid serious injury.


For our inflatables, we do not provide a deposit style payment. We request full payment for our inflatables, which secures your date and ensures your delivery and pick up. As discussed earlier, we are all about our quality and customer service. So we will be communicating with you to confirm all details, so that we are prepared for the day of your event. 

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