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Festival Fair


Did you see that?

I was standing behind him and still didn't see how he did it!


Wow I've never played a game like that. That was fun!

A Crowd Stopping Experience that provides fun, funny, and memorable moments that make your festival unforgettable!

What Will You Need For Your Event?


Magic Show

  • Magician is Locked in Cuffs by Audience and must escape!

  • Magician makes coins fall out audiences ears!

  • An object floats right there on the street in front of everyone!

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Interactive Inflatables

  • Warp Speed Arena *

  • Interactive Basketball*

Our inflatables provide some fun interactive fun for all the guests and visitors of the festival/fair


(Blower, Set Up, Break Down, and Pick Up Included)

Balloon Twisting & Face Painting

  • Tons of incredible designs

  • Wearable Balloons

  • Handheld Balloons

  • Interactive Balloons that turn into games

  • An experienced face painting artist

  • Incredible designs 

  • Photo worthy moments

  • Table*

  • Chair(s)*

*In some cases a table and chairs are needed for our Face Painters.

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