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  • My venue is booked for a time you can't do. What now?

We have a few solutions to this issue:
- We can change the time of my arrival to your event therefore you still have entertainment
- If step one doesn't work we have other magicians on staff that are trained and can step in place of the magician you booked to ensure you still get the same quality and show.
  • What are suitable kid party venues?

Indoor areas are preferred, but no venue is the wrong venue as long as we have a 10x10 ft. space and we are good to go!
  • When do I serve the party food?

It depends on the package. We don't just give you a package and show up, we make sure we know exactly how you want your party structured as well as make sure the show is in sync with your party plan. We also help with planning the party if needed. Contact us for any questions regarding party planning.
  • Do you customize your show?

Yes the show contains certain illusions and music, but the show is always customized based on venue, age group, special requests, and package type.
  • Do you do a joint party for children of different ages?

Of course, our packages can be custom built around any special circumstances or groups. 
  • Why is there an extra cost for joint parties?

It is a mixture of shows, which means more props, more comedy, and entertaining two groups requires a bigger presentation as well as interaction that doesn't go over the young ones heads and still engages the older ones.
  • My child has seen you before, do you do a different show?

We have many different show themes to choose from! Email us for more info.
  • Can I scatter balloons on the floor?

This would be a bad idea based on the fact this is an interactive show and the kids will be standing up, yelling, moving left and right, dancing and more. The last thing you want is a bunch of balloons bursting in the middle of the show and some kid putting it in their mouth and possibly choking. Balloon are great, but not scattered on the floor.
  • How much space is needed for a show?

A 10'x10' foot space plus enough room to accomidate the audience as well. Wide open rooms work the best. Removing furnature can work as well as most of the children sit on the floor. Also keep in mind if the children are sitting on the floor, if you have hard wood floors you may want to put down pillows for the kids to sit on.
  • What are your prices for a show?

The prices vary based on the package. It could be a 45 minute show or a 2 hour show depending on your package choice the price may vary. Get a quote from us, Click here!
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