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Doug Wonder Magician and Entertainer

Magician  & Entertainer

For 2 decades Doug  has been  engaging audiences of all ages and sizes.   His comedy, magic, and skill set provides you with a show that encapsulates and heigtens your sense  of Wonder & Imagination!

Doug Wonder Magician, Ilusionist, Entertainer


Doug Wonder Client

We've had Doug here for almost 5 years and we keep bringing him back because he is one of the best at engaging and entertaining an audience and he continues to raise the bar every year!

Doug Wonder Client

He controls the crowd better than anyone I've ever seen. He engages the audience and has an incredible personality that is perfect for our guests! 

- Joe G. (Rocking Horse Ranch)

Doug Wonder Client

We are jam-packed with things to do, but Doug somehow stops the entire resort with his magic and really bring the audience to a fever-pitch as he displays some comedy and magic. I've seen people challenge him and he still somehow amazes them and the entire audience. 

- Great Wolf Lodge

Doug always brings in a magical charm and smooth delivery, which honestly has been why we bring him back. His magic is always straight to the point but somehow blows us away every time. Relatable, Entertaining, and Talented. His ability to stay current, but still give us a taste of classics is amazing. 

- Philadelphia Eagles

Doug Wonder Client

“Doug Wonder has an incredible show and we've seen a lot. He really has a way with children and provides Adults with Vegas-style magic while somehow still keeping the show very personable. ”

- Robert A. Iger (CEO of Walt Disney World)

Doug Wonder Client
Doug Wonder Client

Personality, Comedy, and Skill are more than I can say about Doug. He has a charm and more than just tricks up his sleeve. He keeps it personal, but with a showmanship that is fun and engaging. 

- Universal Studios (Orlando)

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