Who Is Doug Wonder?

To read about the person doesn't do as much justice as meeting them in person. But in today's age we must rely on words to be the first representation of who we are. So first let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Doug. Among the many words that could be used to describe me, thee is one phrase that all would agree describes me best, "A Wonder".

I came from a humble yet very active beginning. My ambition pushed me to be successful in the things that I put my mind to. From childhood to my teenage years my talents allowed me to be the center of most stages, if not all. But I knew there was something greater out there waiting for me. Then finally magic came along. The day that I met magic for the first time was an up close and personal experience. A friend of mine showed me a trick called, "Ambitious Card". This particular trick is the one where you place the card in the middle of the deck, and it always rises to the top. The trick was so enthralling and spoke to me in a way that caused my ambition card within myself to make its way to the top. The call was made, and I was going to answer.

The moment itself was so magical. I felt like I could go further than I ever have before. This was a feeling I not only wanted to continue to experience, but also share with others. I went to my nearest magic shop and bought all that I could. I began to learn the art form of magic as well as its presentation. And I began to personify the mysteries of the art. Once I mastered the technique it was time to share with others what I had been training myself to do. 

I began performing for friends and family who then shared the word with other friends and family. Before long I was performing on stage and captivating the eyes and hearts of both children and families alike! It was a beautiful feeling to be able to share the moment in time with my audience and leave them with so many memorable moments that they could take for themselves and share as a family.

Family became a very important role in the art of my performance. Especially when I became a father to a family of my own. My wife and three children inspired me to push harder than ever before to create a magic experience that would bridge the gap between the children and the adults. I also set out to create an hands on experience to allow moments for the spectators to also be  performers and allow for the magic to be done in the palm of their own hands. Make the essence of magic very real to them in their hearts.

The spirit of magic is alive and my purpose is to keep it well. My performance value surpasses the art of magic due to my love of its message. A message so simple and clear, "jAnything is possible if you just believe." A lot of times people question the sincerity of the illusion and miss the  message of the illusionist. I am here to recreate the wonder in not only the magic. But the limitless possibilities within ourselves.