What HE Does?

Is this guy trying to be the next David Blaine or Criss Angel?". The answer is no, because they are already here to do it for themselves. I am here to deliver my own message in my own way. My family oriented show si designed to reawaken the imaginations of the audience. In a world full of technical devices such as iPads and tv screens, there is no real hands on experience that allows for all of the senses to get in on the experience. My show is designed to be an all inclusve magical journey for the audience to take through their very own senses. 

Using whatever space I am in I am able to allow everyone in the room to be involved in the experience. Making what they saw and WHERE they saw it a memorable moment. Magic is often times misinterpreted because the presenter rely's heavily on the illusion going right. I however have mastered going in with the right illusions that rely on me. My personality and performance is what allows me to bring my audience in, and leave them wanting so much more. Which is proven by one question that I know very well, "Can you show me one more?" 

I have shows that are designed to work in the proper setting, but each one is as equally satisfying as the next. Leaving all viewers with the same message, and same desire to see more magic.