It's time for the birthday boy/girl to celebrate their birthday and I See Magic is going to do it in style! 


We have 4 packages:


Package 1 - Interactive Magic Show -  1 hour of incredible magic including a bunny and 2 levitations that will blow the kids minds.

Package 2 - Interactive Magic Show and Balloons - 2 hours of incredible magic including a live bunny, 2 grand levitations and wearable balloons including hats, belts, capes, wings, superheroes, animals, and much more...


Package 3 - Interactive Magic Show, Balloon Extravaganza, and Face Painting - 3 hours of entertainment inlcuding an incredible magic show, jumbo life size and regular wearable balloon animals, and face painting.

Package 4 - Interactive Magic Show, Balloon Extravaganza, Face Painting and Moonbounce (Available in NJ and PA this year) - 4 hours of entertainment!




Here is a breakdown of what we offer:


Our interactive magic show is jam packed with give-aways, comedy and tons of magic. This show includes: Pre Show Music - this is used to create a party like atmosphere and gets the kids dancing and singing along. Music is also a great barrier, which breaks the ice for the kids introduction to the magician. Introduction - the magician will warm up the crowd with some finger exercises and set the magic rules before the show begins as wands are handed out.


  Magic, Games, and Illusion - After much excitement the show begins with the magician teaching a magic trick to the entire audience once the music starts it is a non-stop riot of comedy, illusion, and surprising discoveries. The kids will pull coins out their ears and items appear and vanish from their hands. The most exciting part of the show is when the birthday child or lucky child produces a rabbit. This leads into a burst of ooohs and ahhhs. As a grand finale, the show ends with a grand illusion where the a child and the magician make an object float


Balloon Wrap Up - After the show the kids line up and receive unique balloon twisted sculptures as they meet the Rabbit. The bonus is the balloons are 98% WEARABLE (animal hats, superhero hats, wings, capes, holsters and more) the kids will be proud to walk around and play with their awesome balloons as they enjoy the rest of the party festivities.


Face Painting - Kids love getting their faces painted and we are going to transform them into their favorite superheroes, animals, and much more.



Book I See Magic: 



Watch her make a rabbit appear!

School ShowS, Camps and Clubs


Education, imagination, and creativity are essential in a child's growth. Doug Billingsley has an incredible school show that gets the kids thinking outside the box and laughing non stop.


I See Magic presents a school-style magic show that is designed to get the kids involved from the beginning to the end. The school show is for large groups on a stage or in an auditorium where they can be loud, expressive, and really show their true spirits.


The school show runs for 1 hour and 15 minutes, and can be tailored to be shorter depending on the school's needs.

This show includes:

- Music from beginning to end 

- Grand stage illusions

- A magical interactive experience unfolding right before their eyes

- moments of pure comedy as a student becomes a living magnet

- the principal monte - the principal and two students are in a race against time to save themselves from being drenched.

- and many more!









Some of the routines are designed for pure fun and amazement, while others are designed with teachable moments.

Here Are Some Teachable Moments In The Show

- The elements of floating  water

--> Watch as the magician takes falling water and magically controls it to stop and start floating up.


- Grabbing Water

--> Watch the magician pour water into a bowl and slowly form it into a solid without freezing it.

- Bubble Catcher

--> Are you able to catch a bubble, i'm sure it is hard, but during this interactive show the kids will learn.

This school show has several elements of interaction both on stage and off. 


The students are in for a treat!!!


Great for K-12


Creating the perfect atmosphere for your cocktail hour, restaurant, and organization is all about providing the UNEXPECTED EXCITEMENT.


Often people become robots when they show up to specific venues, the reason is they know what to expect so they continue with the same mundane ways.

You now have the ability to change the atmosphere by allowing I See Magic to create an entertaining moment of unexpected magic.

The strolling unexpected excitment show includes

- comedy

- magic

- balloons

and some giveaways




Fill every moment of your event with excitement even when you don't have a main event going on. I See Magic is your go to company for on the spot strolling entertainment in a open house, restaurant, celebration, bar, show intermission or pre show entertainment.

The best part is this will entertain anyone from 1 to 100 years old due to its design and unexpected nature.


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