Education, imagination, and creativity are essential in a child's growth. Doug Billingsley has an incredible school show that gets the kids thinking outside the box and laughing non stop.


I See Magic presents a school-style magic show that is designed to get the kids involved from the beginning to the end. The school show is for large groups on a stage or in an auditorium where they can be loud, expressive, and really show their true spirits.


The school show runs for 1 hour and 15 minutes, and can be tailored to be shorter depending on the school's needs.

This show includes:

- Music from beginning to end 

- Grand stage illusions

- A magical interactive experience unfolding right before their eyes

- moments of pure comedy as a student becomes a living magnet

- the principal monte - the principal and two students are in a race against time to save themselves from being drenched.

- and many more!


Some of the routines are designed for pure fun and amazement, while others are designed with teachable moments.

Here Are Some Teachable Moments In The Show

- The elements of floating  water

--> Watch as the magician takes falling water and magically controls it to stop and start floating up.


- Grabbing Water

--> Watch the magician pour water into a bowl and slowly form it into a solid without freezing it.

- Bubble Catcher

--> Are you able to catch a bubble, i'm sure it is hard, but during this interactive show the kids will learn.

This school show has several elements of interaction both on stage and off. 


The students are in for a treat!!!


Great for K-12

School ShowS, Camps and Clubs

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