We now provide an interactive case of magical effects and props that go along with our Virtual Magic Show and they can be used without the show as we include interactive props that will teach you magic and fool you at the same time!


All of the effects and props below will help you perform magic or witness it during the show and when you are just hanging out and want to fool yourself or friends and family!


Our Case of Wonder includes:


- A Magic Wand (performs 3 magic effects)

- A Fortune Telling Fish (tells your fortune from the touch of your hand)

- A Mind Reading Card (allows you to read your friends and families minds)

- A Set of Magical Glasses (allow you to read predictions and see things the average eye can't)

- I See Magic Activity Book (filled with magic, riddles, eye puzzles and a few other mind boggling things that will require the use of your magical glasses

Interactive Case of Wonder (with Activity Book)