Daycare & Preschools 

"An Awesome Magic Show and Message"

- For Children 5 and Under -

The Happy Teeth Magic Show is designed to give children dental awareness while at the same time displaying funny and amazing magic effects.

The 3 Mantra's are:

- Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day

- Bad Food No Way

- I like the Dentist Hooray

This show educates and entertains by using relatable objects kids can identify to engage and colorful props to build suspense and engagement.

The Little Buddies Magic Show is a Anti Bully/Cooperation show that helps to re-enforce good choices and bad choices as the kids will get a chance to see some incredible magic as we identify good choices and bad choices along with a few of my friends.

During the show the kids will identify these 3 Mantra's:

- You and Me Are Just The Same

- Please Come and Join My Game

- Let's Play By The Rules and No One Gets Blamed

Fun Show that educates and re-enforces.



The Big Books Magic Show is designed to help prepare the children who are getting ready to graduate preschool and head to Kindergarten remember all they have learned and see some of the ways they can help make the transition easy and fun.

This show focuses on change and how fun it is!!!!

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