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Community Center


I can't wait to check out a book that teaches me about magic.


What a cool way to get the kids engaged!

We provide an experience that sparks imagination, curiosity, and wonder! 
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We  book I See Magic  every year and they continue to  amaze us , our community has grown year after year since we've booked them. They look forward to thier show!

- Reading Public Library

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What Will You Need For Your Event?

  • Theatrical Backdrop

  • Sound System

  • Briefcase of Magic

  • Illusions

  • Bubble Machine

  • Themed Library Shows (New Show Every Year)

  • Family Magic Show


Magic Show/Library Magic Show

  • Warp Speed Arena *

  • Interactive Basketball*

  • Purple Crush Combo Bouncer w/slide (Wet or Dry)


Blower, set up, break down, & pick up is included. Generators are additonal. 

*Interactive LED System Included

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Interactive Inflatables

  • An experienced face painting artist

  • Incredible designs 

  • Photo worthy moments

  • Table*

  • Chair(s)*

*In some cases a table and chairs are needed for our Face Painters.

Face Painting

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Balloon Twisting

  • An exprienced balloon artist

  • Handheld and Wearable Designs 

  • Engaging and a great souvenir for your guests

  • Tons of Awesome Designs

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Testimonial (Bradley Beach Libary) Kari Stewart Parent.png
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