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Paper Magic Kit and Course (Monthly Subscription)

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In this Paper Magic course, you will find ten lessons, teaching a magic trick, stunt, or routine with our custom designed paper magic effects. All effects are provided as downloads. The course also includes a vault of videos that teach you how to print, cut, make, and perform each magic effect within this course. This is our Monthly Subscription, which will give you access to 1 of the 10 paper magic effects. For this version of Paper Magic Tricks, you will receive 1 of 10 paper magic effects per month. Every month, we provide a different effect from the Kit. In 9 months, you will have received the entire kit, or you can just get one effect and have access to the printout & video tutorials while you are subscribed. What is the benefit? - Learn a new effect each month - Print it out as many times as you would like (use it as a give away, magic lesson, birthday gift, congratulations gift, or just because you want to give someone something cool).

You can also join this program via the mobile app.


Paper Magic Kit, $29.99/month

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