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We Got Your Request!!!


If you are interested in our inflatables please CLICK HERE to check for pricing and availability on your date.

We Have Your Event Details

Please stay by your phone we will give you a call within 24 hours.

If it is after 8 pm please give us a call as we don't make calls after 8 pm. We will give you a call in the morning if we don't hear from you. 

If you are available now give us a call to complete the booking and ensure we have everything we need to get your date/entertainment booked.


Bonus Below

Birthday Party?

Join  Party 365

Celebrating Your Birthday Superstars All Year Long

"Let's Put The Icing on the Cake!"

So this is the birthday of the most important person in the world! Of course, we must ensure we provide something super special for the birthday superstar. So, we started a program called Party 365, which is our way of ensuring your birthday superstar feels special at their party and on every birthday after.

Party 365 (For birthday superstars only)

- This program is designed to truly make you feel special even when others forget to reach out and call you on your birthday. We will send an email to you with a special message to wish you the best birthday and year with a little magical twist. Sometimes we will perform magic for the star, teach them a trick, show them something really cool, and maybe even tell a joke (but I'll be honest our jokes are pretty cheesy). 

- The purpose of the program is to provide a birthday shoutout to the individual birthday superstar to let you know how much we appreciate you booking with I See Magic and being a part of Party 365 and deciding to let I See Magic be a part of one of the most important days in their life. So with that said, We hope to see you inside PARTY 365 here at I See Magic!


- We will be providing other surprises throughout the year up until your big day, but if we told you what they were it wouldn't be much of a surprise. So, please fill out the form with your child's information so we can be sure to celebrate their big day and more. (We understand if you use your email of course, but be sure to enter their name and birthdate)

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