I See Magic is a brand that stands behind its product, plan, and people.


I See Magic is founded and owned by magician and entertainer Doug Billingsley. I See Magic specializes in entertainment for children and family events such as; festivals, school functions, birthdays, corporate functions, street fairs and other special events. I See Magic is the best choice of entertainment at any event where children and families are involved. 



"Overall, we were very pleased with the show. We had about 40 children at our event and Doug managed to involve all of them in the show. He kept everyone (including the parents) engaged for a full hour. We highly recommend this magician and are likely to be repeat customers!" 

-Torres Family



I See Magic founder and director Doug Billingsley has over a decade of experience both as an entertainer and a manager for one of the world's leading international resorts Universal Studios. Our mission is to empower the imagination of children and to push the minds of adults to allow their inner child to be revealed; as we showcase and share the art of magic and entertainment with the world. I See Magic personally ensures our values of outstanding customer service are met at every event no matter how big or small. They will receive A-1 service.

I See Magic offers a consultation service to give advice during the planning stages of your event, advice is always free for any event. Our clients range from parents looking for quality, dependable entertainment for their child’s party, and corporate clients who use our services year after year to cater for large scale events and festivals.



“From the first conversation, I knew Doug was an A+ performer and consultant. His skill level is exceptional and he is as good as any magician I have ever seen, whether in person or on TV. His show was what I was looking for; young, hip and full of energy. I fully expect to see his name up in lights at major venues and events some time in the future. The birthday girls were beyond excited."  

-Harlan B.



I hope you find the website useful and that you have found the entertainment that best suits your needs. Doug has personally taken the time to intimately train all of the entertainers who perform for I See Magic to ensure you get the best, please contact I See Magic and we will do our best to help!

Magically yours,