Learn 5 Free Magic Tricks By Joining Our Conjure Up Network

What is Conjure Up?

A Place Where Everyone Can Learn Magic! 


We are going to start you off with some free content that will get you started performing magic right away. The effects are very basic, but still require a little practice to master.

In the following weeks we will send you a few emails that will introduce you to some medium level magic, which at this point takes you back stage. Now we will be honest these effects are beginner effects, but they do cost a small fee.

A few weeks after that we will send you the official Conjure Up Kit. This kit will teach you some Vegas Sleight of Hand Routines that are mind blowing. You notice we said routines not effects. We aren't just teaching you how to perform a trick, but giving you a complete routine taught to you by a professional magician that has performed these same effects for audiences around the world. Maybe you've seen him at a show or two. 

Get ready to learn, perform, and amaze people with some incredible magic!